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State Resources

State Resources

  1. NAHU COVID-19 State Fact Sheets: As the federal government leads the national response to COVID-19, states have taken a number of actions to mitigate the spread of the virus and reduce barriers to testing and treatment for those affected. These fact sheets provide state-level information on adopted social distancing measures, health policy action to reduce barriers to testing and treatment, and legislation that has been introduced in response to COVID-19.

  2. COVID-19 has impacted state's continuing education and licensing requirements. Review this list of states to see if and how your state may currently be impacted. 

  3. COVID-19 State Reopening Tracker

  4. State Commercial Insurance Market Strategies to Respond to COVID-19: Manatt Health created a report intended to give a broad representative example of state actions on COVID-19 to date.

  5. State Share of FY 2020 Emergency Administrative Grants