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Ethical Compliance Training Designed For You and Your Employees

Date | Time

Thursday, February 22, 2018
1:00PM – 2:00PM


Rather than a compliance lecture based on fear, this Running Your Business one-hour member-only webinar on Thursday, February 22 at 1 p.m. Eastern is designed to help professionals gain a better understanding of ethical behaviors and respect, and what ha­rassment is (and isn’t). The result is individual behaviors that align with organizational values and provide a safe and respectful environment. Please join Susan Rider and Karl Ahlrichs from Gregory & Appel, who will discuss the “next generation” of harassment avoidance that drives positive behavioral change, uses modern adult learning theory and integrates a variety of behavioral learning models.

Discussion Highlights:

A few words about the law

  • Compliance – Reducing risk of and confirming importance of proper behaviors

What we expect from you

  • In addition to the law, focus on appropriate behavior and ethical standards

How to raise an issue or concern and what is the process with HR?

  • Who will you talk with and then what happens?
  • Investigation requirements and confidentiality – Is there a company policy in place?

This isn’t easy or simple

  • Hidden biases that are human nature and the ethics of proper behavior
  • Diversity, inclusion and the future workforce

The session is limited to 1,000 participants. If you can't make it or it fills up, the session will be recorded and the slides and webinar recording will be posted online.