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Michael Gorton

Michael Gorton

Founder of Teladoc and Founder and CEO of Recuro

Mr. Gorton, co-founder of Recuro Health, is a 14-time Serial Entrepreneur and bestselling author whose companies have created industries, and tens of billions of dollars in wealth. He has experience building both public and private companies in the digital health, telecom, music, energy, healthcare, book publishing, aerospace, education and water remediation industries. Throughout his executive career, Michael has founded and led industry-changing companies, including Internet Global, Teladoc, Palo Duro Records, Principal Solar, Back To Space and Recuro Health. Michael is credited with being one of the pioneer/creators of the telemedicine industry, now approaching a half-trillion-dollars globally. The Texas Business Hall of Fame has recently added Gorton to their Board.

In 2021, Gorton and John Halsey along with some of the pioneers of telemedicine and digital health, created Recuro Health, a company that has developed a Digital Medical HomeTM. Recuro now serves three million members with the next generation of care, delivered through brokers, TPA’s and several of the Fortune Fifty companies. The Company has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Tech Pioneer in Healthcare, and by Ernst & Young as one of the nation’s fasted growing companies.

As CEO, Chairman, and Founder of Teladoc, Gorton led a telemedicine company that was named by MIT as one of the Top 50 Smartest Companies in the World. Teladoc is now the world’s leading telemedicine company with a NYSE market cap in the tens of billions of dollars. The digital and telemedicine industry, which Gorton helped to launch, is now approaching a half-trillion dollar industry.

Gorton was the founding CEO of Principal Solar, a public company he led to become one of the thought leaders in the solar industry worldwide, that delivered 400 megawatts of sustainable electricity, enough to run approximately 70,000 American homes. With Internet Global, he led the company from concept to the #1 ranked Internet provider in North Texas and the construction of the world’s first DSL network and one of the first national VOIP networks. He is currently starting a roll up in the telehealth and digital health industries, with a goal of fixing some of the major issues in healthcare today.

Michael studied physics and engineering at UT Austin, and holds a JD in Law from Texas A&M University, a BS in Engineering from Texas Tech University, and an MS in Physics from The University of Texas. He serves on the Board of the Texas Business Hall of Fame, is a recipient of the coveted Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and is a World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer in Healthcare. Gorton is considered a thought leader with more than 30 white papers, 100+ articles, five novels and one business book on M&A transactions. His historic fiction novel Forefathers and Founding Fathers became an Amazon #1 best seller. Michael has run eighteen marathons, is working on his 3rd degree black belt in karate and has completed a 4,800-mile bicycle adventure across the US. He and his family have a goal of climbing the highest point of elevation in all 50 states. They have completed 42.


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