Legislative Council

Patrick  Burns

Patrick Burns

Region 8 Liaison

Patrick Burns has over 30 years in the health insurance industry, starting in San Francisco in 1988 with Metlife, and eventually forming his own agency in Oakland, CA, in 2004. He has worked with Fortune 50 clients as well as small employers and individuals, and has been a tireless advocate for their needs. He has been a member of NABIP since 2005, and has held many association positions, including Golden Gate Chapter president from 2008-2010, California Chapter president from 2014-2015, and chair of the California Chapter political action committee and charitable and education foundation. He has also served on the NABIP's Media Relations Committee, Legislative Council and Cost Containment Committee.  He was the NABIP Region 8 Vice President from 2018 to 2022, and served on the NABIP Board of Trustees.

He is currently serving on the NABIP Legislative Council, and is on the Board of the NABIP Education Foundation.

He is an experienced legislative advocate for our industry and clients, and has testified many times in the California Legislature on issues close to our business, and has presented at numerous industry events.