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Farren Baer

Farren Baer

Chief Experience Officer (CXO)

As CXO, Farren oversees NABIP's member experience from the point of onboarding through their professional journey. She also is responsible for the delivery of top-tier educational services, including developing continuing education content, delivery design of programs, and managing continuing education credits essential for agent/broker licensing. Her strategic leadership ensures that NABIP remains at the forefront of providing educational resources within the industry and spearheads strategic partnerships lending to a diverse pool of resources, enhancing members' professional edge.

Farren is also a crucial link between NABIP and its advisory committees, facilitating effective communication and collaboration. Her role extends to fostering and nurturing industry partnerships, including providing customized training for corporate partners, participating in trade shows, and engaging in media partnerships to promote NABIP's mission further. Farren is an active member of the American Society of Association Executives and the Society of Human Resource Management. These affiliations underscore her dedication to continuous learning and networking within her field, enhancing her ability to contribute effectively to NABIP's mission. Farren's commitment to excellence and extensive experience and engagement in professional communities position her as a valued leader within NABIP and the broader industry.

She can be contacted at or 202-595-0796.