New Hampshire

Commission Alternatives - Fees and Requirements

Charge fee in addition to or in lieu of collecting commissions?
Specific Disclosures or written agreements required to charge fees to a client?
Admin fees for insurance placement?
Charges for services unrelated to the placement of insurance?
Additional licensing required?
Producers may charge fees in addition to or in lieu of receiving commissions for insurance placement, provided such compensation is contemplated in the premium/charge for insurance filed with and approved by the commissioner and/or included in the policy. Producers may charge also fees for services unrelated to an insurance transaction.  N.H. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 417:4.  
Yes.  A fee unrelated to insurance transactions may be charged only under the terms of a written agreement signed by the customer, specifying the services to be provided and the fee to be charged, or if it is in a form approved by the commissioner.  The consultant must provide the customer with a disclosure statement specifying the advice given, a receipt, and a general business disclosure statement.  N.H. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 405:44-d; N.H. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 405:44-e; N.H. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 405:44-f. 
Yes, see fees in lieu of commissions
Yes, see fees in lieu of commissions

Stop-Loss Information

Employer Size
Specific Stop Loss Restrictions
Aggregate Stop Loss Restrictions
Guaranteed Issue of Stop-Loss Policies
Other notes
All employers
Prohibits specific deductible limits below $20,000
Prohibits aggregate coverage attachment points of less than $4,000 per person, or 110% of expected claims (120% for small employers) or $20,000, whichever is greater.

Prohibits direct payment to covered individuals

Malpractice Damage Cap

Damage Cap Amount

State Code

Cap found unconstitutional (Court struck down a bill to impose a $875,000 cap on all personal injury non-economic damages).