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Mentorship Program

The NABIP Leadership Development Committee is dedicated to mentoring and educating health insurance professionals so that they can in turn, educate the consumers that insurance agents represent.

We coach the coaches.

We are looking for you.

If you are an experienced agent and would love to be a part of our efforts to help agents grow, we are looking for mentors. If that’s you, please click here to apply to be a mentor.

If you are new in the insurance world or NABIP, or perhaps you’ve been in the insurance world a long time but are interested in learning about other lines of insurance, like Medicare, individual or small or large group benefits, or NABIP leadership opportunities and you would like help and support from one of our mentors. Please click HERE to learn from a mentor.

An educated consumer is the best advocate for him or herself.

Membership in NABIP is a requirement for participating in the Mentor Program. 

We host a quarterly Mentor Orientation/Check-in Call open to all members. If you would like to attend the next meeting on November 2 @ 4:30 pm (ET), register here

Questions can be directed to bwillson@nabip.org