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Corporate Partnership

A corporate partnership with NABIP allows you to access membership benefits on behalf of your business, bringing your employees specialized programs and information specific to your company’s needs.

Partner Benefits

  • Saves over individual membership rates under the corporate partner list billing umbrella
  • Streamlined billing processone renewal date, one payment
  • Company ownership of the membership slotsif a person on the membership billing leaves your employment, you select the new member replacement
  • Unlimited access to members-only information on NABIP website
  • Full access to the NABIP Compliance Corner for members on list bill, including monthly webinars
  • Additional benefits for groups over 100

Membership Structure

A corporate partnership means your company owns the membership, making it easy to maintain current memberships for all your staff. And the more memberships your company owns, the greater the dues discount you receive:

*You also simplify the billing process with a corporate listbill.

Become A Partner

A prospective corporate partner submits a list of prospective members or NABIP can provide one for you—including employees who live and work in different states. NABIP staff will review the list and determines appropriate chapter affiliations and calculates prorated dues with the appropriate discount, and a consolidated invoice will be sent to the prospective partner. All memberships are activated upon receipt of payment.

For more information or to submit a request to be contacted about becoming a corporate partner, contact Megan Caputo, senior director of corporate programs, at (202) 808-0635 or corporatepartner@nabip.org.