North Carolina

Commission Alternatives - Fees and Requirements

Charge fee in addition to or in lieu of collecting commissions?
Specific Disclosures or written agreements required to charge fees to a client?
Admin fees for insurance placement?
Charges for services unrelated to the placement of insurance?
Additional licensing required?
In addition to receiving commissions, producers may charge fees for processing applications or other forms, or for the rendering of services associated with a contract of insurance but may not charge fees for insurance placement.  N.C. Gen. Stat. § 58-33-85; 11 N.C. Admin. Code 04.0120.
Yes.  In order to charge a fee for services, the producer must obtain written consent from the client, issue a receipt, and prominently display a sign in the producer’s office informing clients of the applicable fees.  N.C. Gen. Stat. § 58-33-85; 11 N.C. Admin. Code 04.0120. 
No, see fees in lieu of commissions
Yes, see fees in lieu of commissions

Malpractice Damage Cap

Damage Cap Amount

State Code

$656,730 cap for non-economic damages as of 1/1/23 and adjusted for inflation since in 2014. No cap on economic damages.