Commission Alternatives - Fees and Requirements

Charge fee in addition to or in lieu of collecting commissions?
Specific Disclosures or written agreements required to charge fees to a client?
Admin fees for insurance placement?
Charges for services unrelated to the placement of insurance?
Additional licensing required?
Insurance producers may charge fees for negotiation, procurement and services in connection with a contract of insurance, in addition to receiving a commission for insurance placement, provided such compensation is contemplated in the premium/charge for insurance filed with and approved by the commissioner and/or included in the policy.  Mo. Rev. Stat. § 375.116 
Yes.  A producer may charge a fee only under the terms of a separate written agreement, signed by the client, specifying the services to be provided and the fee to be charged.  The agreement must state that the client is under no obligation to purchase any insurance product through the insurance agent, broker or consultant.  Mo. Rev. Stat. § 375.116; Mo. Rev. Stat. § 375.936 
Yes, see fees in lieu of commissions