Commission Alternatives - Fees and Requirements

Charge fee in addition to or in lieu of collecting commissions?
Specific Disclosures or written agreements required to charge fees to a client?
Admin fees for insurance placement?
Charges for services unrelated to the placement of insurance?
Additional licensing required?
Yes.  A producer may receive the following compensation: a commission paid by the insurer; a fee paid by the insured; or a combination of commission paid by the insurer and a fee paid by the insured from which an insurance producer may offset or reimburse the insured for all or part of the fee. Wash. Rev. Code § 48.17.270. 

Yes.   If a producer receives a fee from the insured, for each policy the producer must disclose the following in writing to the insured: the full amount of the fee to be paid; the amount of commission paid to the producer by the insurer (if there is a commission); an explanation of any offset or reimbursement of fees or commissions; information regarding any additional commission the producer may earn (contingent commissions, etc.), including specific compensation information upon the insured's request. The written disclosure must be signed by both the producer and the insured and retained by the producer for five years. If purchase is made by telephone or electronic means, consent documented by the producer is acceptable. Wash. Rev. Code § 48.17.270. Insurance producers must also disclose to the insurer the exact amount of premium charged for each insurance contract, which amount must be included in the contract. Wash. Rev. Code § 48.17.480.