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Angela Palo

Angela Palo

Pinnacle Financial Services

Angela Palo started in the insurance business working in the group claims department for Prudential insurance. In 1990, Angela left Prudential and joined the Marketing team at American Travellers, specializing in Long Term Care. In 1995, she took her Life and Health License and moved to the Sales side of the company, where she became the National Director of Sales, overseeing both the sales team and sales support.

In 1996, Conseco Insurance company acquired American Travellers, and Angela joined the team there in a similar role for a Conseco owned IMO, Bensalem Marketing Group. In 2003 she left BMG and joined Kevin Shields at Pinnacle Financial Services. In 2006, Angela bought into the agency and now serves as Executive Vice President. Pinnacle, one of the leading insurance marketing organization in the senior market, is licensed in all 50 states. Pinnacle specializes in life, health, financial, senior insurance products and marketing services. Angela is responsible for Pinnacle’s marketing, operations, sales support, web site development, public relations, and business development.

Angela holds the following designations:

Fellow, Life Management Institute
Associate, Customer Services, LOMA
Long Term Care Professional, HIAA
Health Insurance Associate, HiAA
Managed Healthcare Professional, HIAA