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Darwin Hale

Darwin Hale

Advocate Health Advisors

Advocate Health Advisors is a national leader in the Medicare market. Founded by Dr. Hale in 2005, Advocate Health Advisors transformed the industry by following the unique philosophy of increasing lives saved, reducing healthcare costs, and avoiding human misery. This approach has inspired high quality-community based brokers to seek Advocate Health Advisors and provide all Medicare eligibles with the very best healthcare options.

A retired Colonel with the United States Army (USA), Dr. Hale’s military career included seven active-duty deployments from Afghanistan to Korea, as well as seven years within the United States Special Operations Command. A decorated military veteran, he is a recipient of 18 military honors, including the Legion of Merit.

Dr. Hale is the author of Need to Know, which provides a wealth of information and advice for staying out of the hospital and prioritizing personal wellness. In his book, Dr. Hale also discusses how the U.S. healthcare system has failed to evolve like other industries have, providing strategies for navigating the system’s flaws based on his extensive military experience.

Dr. Hale serves on several advisory boards and is a lifetime member of multiple Military and Veterans’ Service organizations. He earned his Doctorate in Business Administration, an MBA with a concentration in Finance, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies from the University of South Florida. He also attended numerous advanced courses as part of his Professional Military Development in the Joint Operations community.