Medicare Advisory Group

Danielle Kunkle-Roberts

Danielle Kunkle-Roberts


Danielle Kunkle Roberts is a founding partner at Boomer Benefits, a national agency specializing in Medicare-related insurance products since 2005. Serving more than 75,000 policyholders in 48 states, Boomer Benefits has built a formidable brand with more than 640,000 social media followers. Danielle is also the author of the best-selling book 10 Costly Medicare Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make.

A nationally-recognized expert in the Medicare insurance industry, she is a past president of the Fort Worth chapter and serves as the Medicare chairperson for the Texas state chapter - and, of course, the chair of NABIP's national Medicare Advisory Group.

She is a member of the Forbes Finance Council and has appeared on more than one hundred podcasts, radio shows, and TV segments about the topic of Medicare