woman watches a man signing a document

Mentor Program Submission Confirmation

Thank you for submitting your Leadership Mentor Program application. 

Mentor Applicants - Thank you for your willingness to give back into an industry that has served you well!  

Mentee Applicants - We have high confidence that you will grow by taking this step to level up in your career!

The Mentor Task Force meets monthly on the 2nd Tuesday to review applications and look for matches for new mentee applicants in the "pool" of mentors that have been approved for the program.  

If for any reason your application is denied, you will receive notification with a request for more information, otherwise you can rest assured that the team is working on a match for you.  

We look forward to hearing about your experience!

Note:  There is a quarterly mentor/mentee "orientation" meeting via Zoom, be on the lookout for emails announcing the next meeting.