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Compliance Information, Assistance and Tools

We live in a world where actions have immediate results. The insurance profession is dictated by laws and regulations that can change rather quickly. Actions by Congress and government agencies have an immediate impact on your clients. As a result, getting immediate updates to your clients is critical to you and your clients’ success. So the question is – where do you get your information?  Is it immediate and accurate?

NABIP is dedicated to bringing you the latest legislative, regulatory and compliance information to ensure that you can remain on the cutting edge and provide the greatest possible value to your clients.

 Did you know…..?                                                                              

  • NABIP has a members-only blog, ComplianceNOW that features expert discussion and advice for members on many compliance questions and concerns.
  • NABIP conducts quarterly “Live from NABIP!” webinars that offer members exclusive one-hour sessions with key Government Relations Staff members on updated legislative topics at no additional cost to members.
  • NABIP hosts monthly Compliance Corner webinars at no cost to members on critical issues.
  • NABIP provides individualized private written responses to questions posed by members on the Ask a Question section of our Compliance Corner. These individual responses are at no additional cost to members and complement the numerous FAQs and other materials on the Compliance Corner.

These services do not go unnoticed by the members regarding the updates they receive, and the webinars they have access to:

“I just love the opportunity to run things by you. So worth the dues I pay each month! I appreciate your concise response. You are definitely an asset to this agency and I appreciate it.”

“Thank you for the Compliance Corner Webinar this month. Great information and love this service you provide. This is why I am a member of NABIP.”

Membership with NABIP is one of the most important and valuable commodities available in our industry.  This is just a sample of what you get when you are a member of NABIP. 

If you are not a member of NABIP, why not?   

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