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Continuing a long history in professional education dating back to 1930, NABIP has helped health insurance consultants accelerate their careers with high-impact education. NABIP is your source for advanced designations, certifications, continuing education and online learning.

How important is education to the health insurance professional?

“The pursuit of credentialing serves as a mark of distinction that our members’ clients appreciate and seek in their business dealings. NABIP has become the leading provider of credentialing for the health insurance industry, offering specialized certifications in many areas as well as a professional designation. Not only do credentialed agents set themselves apart from their competitors, it is proven that those who earn designations have higher penetration and economic value in the industry.  The knowledge gained from NABIP professional development offerings keeps benefits professionals on the cutting edge of the services they provide to their clients.”  ~Farren Baer, NABIP Sr. VP of Professional Development

Did you hear that? Insurance agents who earn designations may earn more than their non-credentialed colleagues. One reason for greater earnings potential is that a designation prepares you to suggest more sophisticated strategies beyond just basic insurance products and transactions. The training equips you to provide a deeper level of service and guidance to clients than other insurance agents without specialized education. While experience is critically important, you can also showcase your advanced education to help convince prospective clients’ that you’re the best advisor to help them, and membership in NABIP makes that happen!

Consider just some of what NABIP offers health insurance professionals:

  • Certification courses on a variety of subjects including ACA Compliance, Self-Funding and Advanced Self-Funding, Account-Based plans, including HSAs, HRAs, FSAs, and more, HIPAA, Wellness, Worksite Marketing, Individual Health Insurance and more.  There is even a course on Single-Payer that is a comprehensive look at systems around the world as well as what has been proposed in the United States.
  • The highly desired and newly revised REBC designation program, which allows NABIP certifications to be combined with American College courses to meet designation requirements.
  • Free monthly training through our Compliance Corner on key issues of concern for our members and their clients.
  • Our exclusive Running Your Business webinar series, focusing on providing members with information on issues related to operating their businesses.

This is just a sample of what you get when you are a member of NABIP.  If you or someone you work with isn’t a member of NABIP, why aren’t you?

Your membership with NABIP will continue to be one of the most important and valuable commodities you possess! 

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