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Annette Bechtold

Annette Bechtold

Leadership and Executive Coach and Consultant at Forte Consulting

As a leadership and executive coach and consultant, I help individuals, entrepreneurs, and teams to thrive. My goal is to inspire them on their journey to achieve meaningful performance and success.    

From young age, I have always felt drawn to helping those around me. I would readily volunteer for any organization, job, or task that helped someone else. From this inherent desire to help those around me thrive, I’ve focused my efforts in two areas: health care and insurance and leadership, mentoring and coaching. 

At the age of 15, I took my first job supporting an independent agent. Loving the mix of service, helping others, compassion, and business and administration, I pursued insurance as a career choice. Over my 44 years in the industry, I’ve held various job and leadership roles, participated in advocacy groups, volunteer and association organizations, and worked with many different people in all walks of life.     

Feeling a strong calling to continue my life-long passion of advocacy and serving others, I began preparing for my next season of focus. I built Forte Consulting Atlanta dedicated to help individuals, businesses, leaders, and teams to plan, build, grow, and prosper. To help them be more. My practice consists of leadership and coaching for individuals, teams, and organizations. I also continue use my career expertise by serving clients in various insurance industry consulting services.


Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA) Certification