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Jack Holder

Jack Holder

President of Enhanced Benefits Insurance Solutions

Jack Holder is a co-founder of Enhanced Benefits Insurance Solutions (EBIS). Jack built his business by working with health insurance brokers primarily with a leading voluntary insurance carrier. He held the position regional manager for 10 of the 14 years and achieved many of the company benchmarks including: state conventions, national conventions, and several awards for double digit growth. Today Jack is committed to working with NABIP to continue to bring value to our industry, keep it fun, and pave the way for the future. He believes that if we work together we can ensure the growth of our industry in an ethical way. His passion is to find solutions that are a win/win for all parties involved. His vision is to build sustainable strategies that introduce enhanced voluntary benefits with broker partners to employers and their employees. With this in mind EBIS was created to better provide the solutions his broker partners and business clients.


Voluntary Worksite Certification