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Course Logo Request

NABIP’s certifications offer a brand that sets professionals apart from the rest. The course logos can be applied to media announcements, email signatures, business cards, and company letterhead to highlight professional accomplishment

NABIP's course logos have been updated to reflect our new branding guidelines. Now, in addition to receiving an individual course logo, if you have completed multiple courses, you can receive a marketing logo with stacked certifications to best market your expertise.

Please fill out the brief form below to request a course logo. If you are requesting a logo with multiple certifications, please allow 6-8 business days to receive your custom logo. 

Below is an example of the marketing logo with multiple certifications. 

***Courses that have been sunset, such as the PPACA Certification, will not receive new marketing logos. We encourage professionals to continue to use the sunset course logos to market their expertise.***

***The Medicare, Medicare Advantage and Compliance Requirements Certification logo cannot be included in custom logo requests***