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MA Certification Training FAQs

Q: I would like to learn more about the NABIP MA certification training; where can  I find more information?
A: You can find information on the NABIP MA certification training here

Q: How does this certification training complete CMS requirements?
A: NABIP carefully followed CMS training guidelines and incorporated our delivery design for ease of use.

Q: Is the NABIP training accepted by all the carriers?
A: The list of approved carriers continues to get updated annually, and brokers/agents can select their preferred plan sponsor before taking the final exam. The certificate of completion is electronically sent to the preferred plan sponsors after successful completion of the final exam To check if your plan sponsor is accepting the NABIP MA certification training, please contact  

Q: How much does the NABIP MA certification training cost? 
A: The NABIP MA certification training costs $100, which includes CE credits and additional learning materials at no additional cost. Participating sponsors may also sponsor their select group of agents at no cost. 

Q: Do I have to be a member of NABIP to take the NABIP MA certification training?
A: No, but you should join other Medicare specialists by becoming a member and take advantage of other Medicare-focused professional resources. Click here to visit the Medicare Portal, your hub for all Medicare information.

Q: How many CE credits will be available?
A: The MA certification training is filed for 8 CE credits in all 50 states. Click here to check your state's CE approval status.

Q: What makes the NABIP MA certification training different from other provider's certification courses?
A: Our program is provided for the agent by an agent-driven/membership non-profit organization meeting all CMS and carrier requirements. Our delivery design is streamlined and easy to navigate. Continuing Education credits are included at no additional cost. The course will take less time to complete and our exam questions are straightforward. Those who complete the certification training receive a logo brand to market their accomplishment. Additionally, NABIP provides access to bonus content driven by a Medicare broker community advocating for the industry. 

Q: Will there be a final exam? How many attempts do I have to take it?
A: Yes, after completion of the MA certification training, you are required to take an online final exam and are given six attempts to pass, free of charge.

Q: What is the required percentage pass rate for the final exam?
A: The required percentage rate to pass the final exam is 85%.

Q: How long does it take to complete the MA certification training and final exam?
A: There are three mandatory units of study. The final exam requires 15 questions per unit of study and seat time varies based on how well the taker has studied. If the exam is left to idle, the system will time out and require you to start over. Our system does capture the number of attempts regardless of completion. 

Q: If I take this course, will I have to take the individual product training with each carrier I represent? Will I still have to take the AHIP training?
A: All carriers have required product training. The NABIP MA certification training will fulfill the Medicare Advantage and Compliance requirements. If your preferred plan sponsor accepts the NABIP training, you will not be required to take the AHIP training.

Q: Is the MA certification training required annually.
A: Yes, all carriers require that agents take the MA certification training annually. 

Q: Will there be audio available for this training? 
A: There is no audio for this training. The training is designed to be interactive and requires all steps to be completed at the learner’s own pace.

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