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Cally Ideus

Cally Ideus

Region IV Vice President

Cally Ideus has over 25 years of strategic advising experience in the government and private sectors. As an international human intelligence scholar, she leads her clients with an always-out-front mindset. Cally is the founder and president of Ideus Agency and Strategy Consulting, as well as the managing partner of FGC Advisors. She specializes in fostering strong relationships and managing projects that involve nontraditional strategies.

Cally and her husband reside on a small farm in rural Nebraska which also is home to their founding legacy project the Odyssey Mission Inc. A nonprofit 501(c)3 foundation with a mission of respecting journeys and navigating true north. As Army veterans, parents of soldiers, and friends of those who serve or have served, they understood the importance of being present and respectfully providing guidance, resources, and navigation for each individual's unique journey.

Contact Cally Ideus or (402) 239-9600.