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Robert Tierney

Robert Tierney

Region VII Vice President

Robert Tierney started his employee benefits career in 1996, by happenstance. As a December 1995 graduate of Boise State, with a degree in Math and Education, he expected to make a living teaching and coaching.  Although he has coached many basketball, volleyball, and softball teams, he traded classrooms for boardrooms.

Robert’s first job out of college introduced him to underwriting for large self-funded employers in Boise, ID. His passion for teaching and numbers lead to a position as an underwriter where he thrived by finding trends, projecting claims, and guiding employers through the risks and rewards of self-funding.  Robert joined NABIP in 1997 and he credits them for allowing him to practice and sharpen his leadership skills.

Robert has been married to Kendall for 25 years and they love to travel as a family with their teenage daughter. A trip to a Disney theme park is an annual occurrence and we are happy to share our planning secrets!    

Contact Robert Tierney, HDHP or (208) 887-4900.