patient performing physical therapy with a nurse

Medicare Position Paper

April 3, 2023  |  By: NABIP

The federal Medicare program has many considerations for long-term stability that deserve policymakers’ serious considerations. Access to affordable plans that cover medications, provide access to care, accommodate beneficiaries that may wish to continue working, and do not penalize those that retire but have dependents in need of coverage are all banner issues for our organization. NABIP believes that Medicare beneficiaries face many challenges related to maintaining access and affordability for a diverse field of health and drug plan options. As state licensed, annually certified insurance agents, we believe our many hours of both mandated and voluntary training make us uniquely suited to assist beneficiaries in learning about, selecting, and accessing care within the Medicare program We welcome all opportunities to work with CMS and other policymakers to ensure a bright future for Medicare beneficiaries everywhere.

Position Paper