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Individual Course Enrollment

October 30, 2020  |  By: NABIP
Individual Training

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging in the Modern Workplace

Diversity training is designed to facilitate positive intergroup interaction, reduce prejudice and discrimination, and foundationally teach individuals who are different from others how to work together effectively.

The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEI&B) in the Modern Workplace course will guide individuals, members of a organization and clients to understand how we can become better leaders, managers, and allies for the modern workplace. This course's foundation will provide the essential steps towards changing the environmental culture so individuals of diverse backgrounds feel empowered to grow and thrive, not only in the workplace, but also within the communities they live and serve.

Participants of this course will:

    • Learn terminology associated with DEI&B
    • Obtain a greater understanding of why DEI&B initiatives need to become part of your organizational strategy & structure
    • Learn how to identify blind-spots and actionable steps to overcome them
    • Know how to cultivate a healthy diverse workforce driven by leadership

Individual Course Enrollment

This course is available to NABIP members. We encourage all of our members to take the course. 

Individual course enrollment

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