Online LPRT Application

January 1, 2024  |  By: NABIP

What to know when applying for LPRT:

  • Applications will only be accepted online.
  • Anyone applying for Soaring Eagle, Platinum Eagle or Golden Eagle no longer needs to provide Certification Form(s) showing the number of lives sold or income earned.
  • By submitting an application, you are certifying to the accuracy of your eligible production and that you possess the necessary records to support your level of qualification.
  • All applications are subject to random audit and if selected, applicants must be able to provide all supporting documents, such as commission statements, that verify the income or production used as to the qualifying criteria.
  • Personal Producers and Agency Owners may qualify at any level either by income or points.
  • Carrier Reps and Carrier Managers can now only qualify using the point method.
  • Criteria have been adjusted for those using income under the category of Agency Management.
  • Lifetime Emeritus membership is only available to members who have qualified for LPRT for 10 or more years
  • It is advisable that you review the LPRT Points Calculator Explainer and points calculator so that you can gather all the necessary documents to complete your application. 
  • Once you submit your application, if there is an application fee, you will be redirected to a secure BluePay form to submit your payment. If you owe a fee, you MUST submit both your application and your payment to be considered for qualification.
  • Deadline for applications is May 31. 

2024 LPRT Membership Application

LPRT membership is for a calendar year (January - December). 

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