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Self-Insured Reporting

June 10, 2019  |  By: NABIP
Self-Insured Reporting

Self-Insured Reporting is the first platform to provide employers with a common system of record for employers, TPAs and brokers to coordinate in managing self-insured plans.  Our team begins by setting up your plans.  Next, we integrated with your vendors to begin receiving membership and claims feeds. 

The end result is:

  • Actuarial projections of your renewal (every month)
  • Automated reporting of plan costs, aggregate performance, stop loss contacts and more
  • Risk scoring of your members for population health efforts
  • Full analysis of gaps in care
  • Drill down and see providers via Geomap
  • Analyze emergency room claims vs. urgent care claims
  • Full history of your account and costs
  • Shock claims tracking and reporting
  • Custom report development
  • Common data for everyone working on the client account

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