The Jump Off with NAHU President Eugene Starks #16 - Jeffrey Gold, MD

July 20, 2022  |  By: NABIP
President's Perspective


On this week's edition of the Jump Off - the penultimate edition of the presidential Jump Off podcast - NAHU President Eugene Starks and Chapter Leadership Development Chair Emma Fox bring on the show's first "real doctor!" Dr. Jeffrey Gold, MD is owner, founder and CEO of Gold Direct Care. Dr. Gold is one of a growing number of primary care physicians who are experimenting with a direct primary care (DPC) model. Eugene, Emma, and Dr. Gold have an in-depth discussion about what exactly DPC is, the history and future of DPC, what inspired Dr. Gold to start a DPC practice, how providers and agents must work together on healthcare solutions, and more!

(This episode was recorded on June 9, prior to Annual Convention!)

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