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Getting Ahead

We live in a competitive world. You compete every day for business – whether it is a new client, or trying to convince an old client to stay with you. So the question to you is – how do you stand out and get ahead?  Maybe a follow-up question – how do you promote the good you do for your clients every day?

From lawyers to realtors, professionals in every field benefit from joining their professional organization. These organizations advocate on their members' behalf, provide members with educational and networking opportunities, and more. It's a vital step in one's career, regardless of field and when you take that step, it's a symbol of professionalism you can proudly talk about with your clients.

The National Association of Benefits and Insurance Professionals (NABIP) is the premiere trade association for health insurance agents and brokers. It represents more than 100,000 licensed professionals across 200 chapters throughout the country.

NABIP helps agents and brokers promote themselves and grow their business. We provide our members with essential resources, such as timely policy positions, infographics and social media tools that they can share with prospective clients. Our media efforts include the importance of the role of brokers/agents. These efforts are coordinated with Government Relations staff to ensure that we are promoting ideas and complimenting advocacy, as well as increasing influence.

Our NABIP Healthcare Happy Hour podcast provides an in-depth review of the most recent trends in the health insurance industry as well as any actions being taken by Congress and the Biden Administration. The podcast is posted every Friday and often features guest experts to provide even more background on the topics NABIP is covering for you, and posts special editions when there is breaking news. Tune-in to hear the latest from the Hill, what’s on tap to be acted on next, and our toast of the week!

NABIP is going to bat for you every day, promoting the role that a broker/agent plays in the health insurance game. What price would you have to pay to do this on your own?  Is there a way to calculate the value of building influence? 

If you are not a member of NABIP, why not?  Your membership with NABIP will continue to be one of the most important and valuable commodities you possess!

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