Healthcare Happy Hour

NABIP’s Healthcare Happy Hour Podcast, sponsored by AgencyBloc

May 31, 2024  |  By: NABIP
Self-funding  |  ACA


Join us for a special episode of the Healthcare Happy Hour podcast, sponsored by our Premier Affinity Partner, AgencyBloc,  an agency management system that helps health and life insurance agents manage their information, leads, policies, and communications with clients. Alongside our host, David Saltzman, they discuss their AMS, along with additional solutions like marketing tools, a commissions module, and a small group quoting and enrollment tool called QuotePlus. QuotePlus is designed for the small group side and can quote ACA products, community rated products, underwritten products, and self-funded products. Agency Bloc helps advisors differentiate themselves by offering a consolidated quoting tool that allows them to view all available products in the market. They also help advisors automate time-consuming processes, manage paperwork, and streamline workflows. The core agency management software helps advisors manage their leads, prospects, marketing communications, renewals, and commissions.

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