Healthcare Happy Hour

Medicare Mergers and Acquisitions – the Realities of Selling Your Business

January 20, 2023  |  By: NABIP
Mergers and Acquisitions


On this week’s episode of the Healthcare Happy Hour, we are providing an audio preview of a significant resource for those interested in Medicare M&A. In this three-part panel, the most knowledgeable M&A minds in our industry -- Brett Rosen, Dan Mangus and Jennifer Borislow -- review what you need to consider if you are selling your Medicare business. In the first section that you can listen to here now, the trio discuss the emotional aspects of selling your business and what you need to mentally prepare for before, during and after the process. In the remaining two parts that you can watch on, the panel discusses the operational and financial considerations you must take into account when selling your Medicare business.

Interested in watching the panel and accessing the other two parts? Check out NABIP’s Agency M&A portal now!

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