Healthcare Happy Hour

NABIP’s Volunteer Committees – What They Do and How You Can Participate

March 25, 2022  |  By: NABIP


While NABIP staff handle certain crucial duties, NABIP is ultimately a member-driven organization. That means that what we do relies on NABIP members such as you volunteering in various capacities and helping make our association what it is. Did you know that NABIP has a wide array of volunteer committees covering a large swath of areas, from legislative matters to professional development to membership and our Leading Producers Round Table? On this week’s episode of the Healthcare Happy Hour, Chief Experience Officer Farren Baer, Vice President of Leadership Services Brooke Willson, Senior Vice President of Public Relations Kelly Loussedes and Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Marcy M. Buckner join the podcast to discuss the committees and how you can participate in one.

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