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November 26, 2019  |  By: NABIP
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The Leading Producers Round Table (LPRT) formed in 1942 to recognize the successful underwriters of accident and health insurance. Today, the LPRT committee is committed to making LPRT the premier program for top health, disability, long-term care and worksite marketing insurance producers, carrier reps, carrier management, and general agency/agency managers.

Looking to apply for LPRT and Soaring Eagle?

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Tools for Chapter Leaders to Promote LPRT

At NABIP, we have a program designed to reward our members who are outstanding producers.  That program is the Leading Producers Round Table.  LPRT qualifiers receive a number of free or discounted educational offerings and other services from us – after all they are the best of the best and we depend on their knowledge and dedication to their industry to help our own organization be the best.

We need your help getting the word out. Below are five simple actions that we hope you will take to share this program with your members and get the word out about the LPRT program and its wealth of benefits. 

1) Publish information in your newsletter. Below is a sample article. These will be provided bi-monthly.  

If you’re a leader in benefits,
Join NABIP’s Leading Producers Round Table

The benefits are in the letters LPRT. 

Leadership: Top leaders in sales & service
Perspective: Gained by rubbing elbows at exclusive LPRT events
Recognition: THE elite peer recognition for benefit specialists
Transparent: Easier to apply than ever!

Find out more here on NABIP’s website.

2) Add LPRT to Your Website

LPRT recognizes the Best of the Best in Sales Production.

It only takes a few minutes to apply and reap the benefits of your hard work.

Applications will be accepted starting January 2020.

3) Recognize the LPRT qualifiers in your chapter during a membership meeting, on your website and in your newsletter. 

You can find the list of LPRT members here or email LPRT@NABIP.org for a list of members in your chapter. 

4) Work with the chapter’s media chair to get community recognition for your qualifiers. 

NABIP has template LPRT press releases that make it easy for the chapter’s media chair to create and distribute to your local media. If you don’t have a media chair, Kelly Loussedes can help you by pulling distribution lists for these press releases. Its as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.

  1. Get a list of your chapter’s qualifiers. 
  2. Download the template press releases.
  3. Contact the candidate and fill in the blanks on the press release.
  4. Send the press release to the chapter’s media contacts.

Questions? Need help? Contact NABIP Senior Vice President of Public Relations Kelly Loussedes.

5) Use social media to promote your qualifiers.

Post and commend your chapter’s qualifiers via the chapter’s social media. If your chapter hasn’t established a social media presence yet, we have tools to help you out.