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LPRT Qualification Information

Qualification Levels

Personal Production

Business written by a single producer

Carrier Representatives

An employee of an insurance carrier working with producers

Agency Management

Management of a general agency or agency.

Carrier Management

Carrier/Home Office sales managers, directors of sales & vice presidents of sales

Levels of Membership


Available to members applying for the first nine (9) consecutive years of qualification OR for a total of 14 total years.

Lifetime & Qualifying

Available to members that still generate production at qualifying level and have achieved lifetime membership.

Lifetime Emeritus

Available to non-producing members who have applied and qualified for 10+ consecutive years OR for 15+ total years; for members that are no longer in production.

Awards Categories

President's Council
Golden Eagle
Soaring Eagle

Thank you for your interest in LPRT membership. The application process has closed for 2023.

Please check back on January 1 when the application process opens for 2024.