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REBC®, RHU® & ChHC® Designation Maintenance

REBC®, RHU® and ChHC® Designation Maintenance Requirements

Continuing Professional Credit Maintenance Requirement

REBC, RHU and ChHC designation recipients are required to self-report 24 continuing professional credit (CPC) hours every two years in their Online Learning Institute account. If you hold multiple designations, 24 CPCs will maintain both or all of your designations.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to self-report CPCs in the Online Learning Institute.

Click here for information about the CPC designation program.

Cost of Designation Maintenance 

There is a biennial renewal fee of $85 for NABIP members and $125 for non-members. If you hold multiple designations, the renewal fee will cover both or all of your designations.

When you have renewed, you will be given access to a new Ethics training from NABIP at no additional cost. This training provides continuing education credits and has been filed in all 50 states.

Students Transitioning from the American College

On January 1, 2017, all REBC, RHU and ChHC recipients’ maintenance periods were reset and run through December 31, 2018. All students will remain in good standing until the end of the maintenance period.

Continuing Professional Credits

CPC Content 

Continuing professional education content must be related to existing subject matter covered within the REBC, RHU and ChHC designation curriculum. Please review the NAIC Guidelines of accepted topics. Topics not eligible for credit include areas such as office, business or management skills, public speaking, sales training or other topics not directly related to the content area under the NAIC Guidelines.

CPC Guidelines 

CPCs must relate to REBC, RHU and ChHC designation curriculum content areas and be supported by documentation which verifies participation in the activity.

NABIP Provided Opportunities:

  • Any classroom or online program approved by a department of insurance or considered viable continuing education credits that could get approved by the DOI and/or, provided by an educational institution overseen by a governing board.
  • One CPC credit for each 50-minute/hour of education for e-learning courses or industry conferences, provided participation is supported with appropriate documentation (i.e. CE sign in sheet or award of certificate).
    • At the NABIP Annual Convention, professional development breakout sessions that met the NAIC guidelines of approved topics were eligible for one CPC credit.
    • For members, NABIP’s monthly compliance corner webinars that are attended live (for participation documentation) are eligible for one CPC credit.
  • In each issue of America’s Benefit Specialist magazine, NABIP provides a free CPC quiz worth one CPC to readers. The 15-question quiz based on three articles is active until the 20th of the month of publication.

Industry Speakers/Instructors Receive Credit for Presenting 

You can receive credit for presenting a topic following NAIC guidelines to an audience of licensed professionals or students. Two credits per hour of actual teaching/presenting time can be claimed for the first time the class or seminar is conducted. For subsequent offerings of the same course or session, one credit per hour of actual teaching/presenting time can be claimed. No more than 15 hours of credit can be claimed within a reporting period.

Emeritus Status

Emeritus Status eliminates the CPC and renewal fee requirements for all NABIP governed designations held by an individual. When emeritus status is obtained, the individual’s designation(s) do not expire. Individuals who have met one of the requirements quality for emeritus status.

The requirements are that an individual has:

  • Retired from the health insurance industry; or
  • Received a nationally recognized industry achievement award, such as the NABIP Gordon Memorial Award or BenefitsPRO Broker of the Year Award.

To request emeritus status, fill out this form. Once your application is received, NABIP will contact you regarding your approval status.