An Overview of the No Surprises Act and Surprise-Billing Regulations Part I & II

December 16, 2021  |  By: NABIP
Compliance Corner

The surprise-billing ban holds patients harmless from surprise medical bills, including from air ambulance providers, by ensuring they are only responsible for their in-network cost-sharing amounts in both emergency situations and certain non-emergency situations where patients do not have the ability to choose an in-network provider. Federal agencies have released two interim final rules regarding implementation of this law. The first IFR primarily deals with notices to consumers, post-stabilization services and how qualified payment amounts would be calculated. The second IFR mainly deals with the process to settle out-of-network payment disputes that will arise between providers and payers in addition to outlining requirements for healthcare cost estimates for uninsured individuals. This webinar is a compilation of previous webinars on this topic, to serve as a single concise presentation on both Part I and Part II of these regulations.

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